Your design is not defensible

Design thinking is engineering

Repeated testing.

It should not be the sum total of carefully placed pixels.

They will be stolen.

Your design is not defensible.

Design thinking is engineering.

Design thinking is more of a mantra than a practical process. Take the tea kettle for example serving as the canonical crude case study for how design is elegantly applied. Look at the shape of door handles as the token AH HA! meant to express the pervasiveness of capital D: Design.

This is weak thinking.

We found a way to make doors work well; we found a way to heat and pour water comfortably. Then we found a way to make it elegant.

These objects, their utility and subsequent adoption, are the byproduct of constraints and engineering. So too should be the result of your independent design process.

The process is the value.

Design is a byproduct.

Of rigorous thought.

Powerful design stems from independent thought.

A shortcut is to reason from first principles. Break down your problem into its basic elements, then reassemble them.

The problem isn't that we needed a shapely vessel for tea. It's heat.

How do you limit energy loss?

How do you make it safe?

How do you pour every drop without spilling?